We get a lot of satisfaction when we see our people excel and advance both technically and personally and are proud to be able to help them achieve their personal goals and objectives. Being a small firm we are experienced and skilled in the need to adapt quickly to meet both staff and client needs without compromising quality.

A culture of collaboration

With more than 38,500 people across more than 130 countries, we have a huge global reach and scale across the organisation. But collaboration and coordination remain at the heart of our culture. All our member firms work towards a shared global strategy. This means you’ll receive consistent best-in-class solutions from Grant Thornton wherever you are in the world.

Our CLEARR values

As well as a distinctive global culture, we have developed six core principles, known as our CLEARR values.

Collaboration: ask for help, give help – we work well together

Leadership:  have courage and inspire others – we challenge each other to be the best we can be

Excellence:  find a better way every time – we never get complacent

Agility:  think broadly, act quickly – we thrive in change

Responsibility: use influence wisely – we own our actions

Respect: listen and understand, be forthright – we create honest relationships

If these values are as important to you as they are to us, you may want to consider a career with Grant Thornton. Learn more about becoming one of our 38,500 people worldwide.