Audit and Assurance Services

  • Statutory and non-statutory audits
  • Review engagements
  • Internal audits
  • Financial reporting advisory
  • International financial reporting standards advisory
  • Special purpose audits

At Grant Thornton, we use a single audit methodology across our global network.

This means that our clients gain the same proven, high-quality approach wherever they are.

Our audit methodology, Horizon, targets our audit efforts on those areas of your financial statements that represent the greatest risk.

Horizon features integrated quality-control processes, including policies and procedures for engagement quality-control.

Our methodology is underpinned by established processes and cutting-edge technology. We don’t concentrate on robotic verification; rather we ensure compliance and help to improve the way you do business – including systems and internal controls, managing risk, and establishing appropriate accounting policies.

Our established audit process

We apply a five-step method that helps us to quickly understand your business and to deliver results at speed.

Step one: Planning

Here, our expert teams work to understand your operations, internal controls and information systems. We’ll then construct an audit timetable that meets your requirements.

The result: a tailored audit strategy that is structured around your business or organisation.

Step two: Risk assessment

Next we use this knowledge to assess your financial reporting risk – particularly in business-critical areas. We identify issues early to allow time for thorough investigation and resolution.

Step three: Evaluation of internal controls

Robust internal controls are the key to a more stable organisation. Where possible we’ll test your internal controls, and suggest improvements.

Step four: Audit testing

Our teams use sophisticated tools, including data interrogation software, to analyse your balances and transactions, and enhance your operations.

Step five: Conclusion and reporting

In this step, we apply an additional check to ensure the accuracy of our work. We then turn the raw results into actionable insights, so you can rapidly drive improvements across your organisation.

Our cutting-edge audit technology

We also use proven and innovative technology as part of our audit process. For instance, the Horizon methodology is supported by the Voyager suite, which is an integrated set of proprietary software tools.Find out more about our audit technology.

A key element in our global audit methodology is the use of cutting-edge technology.

In particular, we use an integrated set of software tools known as the Voyager suite.

This suite of tools includes the following elements.


Voyager is a tool that helps our audit teams identify financial statement risks, and evaluate the effectiveness of existing processes and internal controls in mitigating risk. The tool also helps our teams document, evaluate and test internal controls, and design improvement strategies.


TBeam is a trial balance and workpaper generation tool that’s fully integrated with Voyager. TBeam helps our teams to:

  • automatically update lead sheets for changes to the trial balance
  • perform analytical procedures
  • evaluate misstatements and potential accounting adjustments
  • create standard and custom workpapers


This application enables audit teams to document consultations with firm specialists on accounting, audit and ethical matters.


In addition, our audit teams use a data extraction and analysis tool, IDEA. This allows teams to analyse large amounts of financial data. Using IDEA, we can access such data in seconds, saving time and money for our clients.

Giles Leung
Partner, Assurance Services & Advisory
Giles Leung