Stakeholders and those charged with governance are now more than ever placing huge reliance on a robust and risk focused audit. Their organisations are contending with a dynamic, uncertain and complex world where the pace of change continues to accelerate.

In these circumstances, audit can no longer be a purely confirmatory process to verify the current state of affairs. It must add value by delivering key insights which can be used to take the business forward.

This ever changing regulatory landscape requires a tailored, responsive approach, aligned to your specific needs and focused on addressing your key challenges and risks. Whether it be an Irish or a global audit, this is our approach with clients.

Our Assurance and Advisory

Audit and Assurance Services

Grant Thornton’s audit methodology harnesses proven processes and cutting-edge technology to deliver business benefits.

Transaction Advisory Services

Transactions are significant events in the life of a business, so the stakes are high for both buyers and sellers.

Giles Leung
Partner, Assurance Services & Advisory
Giles Leung